Committed to Your Service

Our commitment to you:

Provide Professional Money Management services that place your interests first with the most comprehensive, independent, unbiased approach at the lowest possible cost.

Private Money Management

  • Free Forensic Cost Analysis© of your current investment accounts
  • Investments customized to your personal investment goals and risk tolerance
  • Asset Allocation Models using individual stocks, bonds and no mutual funds
  • Full transparency on cost
  • No loads, fees, hidden expenses, or trading costs
  • One low monthly management fee
  • Monthly statements and quarterly performance reports
  • Retirement accounts (IRA, SEP, Simple, etc.)
  • Custodian for Assets: TD Ameritrade Institutional, a division of TD Ameritrade, Inc.

Retirement Plans for Employers

  • Free Forensic Cost Analysis©, comparison and plan review
  • Benchmarking Analysis for 401k and 403b plans.
  • Forensic Cost Analysis© and Benefit Review for Cash Balance Plans
  • Cost efficient solutions for all qualified plans
  • Customizable options for Highly Compensated Employees (HCEs)
  • Investment Advisor assistance for plan participants
  • Plans focus on Asset Allocation models utilizing ETF’s and low cost Mutual Funds
  • State of the Art Technology (Web based Secure Access)
    • For Plan Administrators
      • Plan Sponsor Dashboard with plan balances, vested and unvested
      • Loan Balances and Distribution Status
      • Plan Participation with direct links to an Employee roster and related information
      • Detailed Plan Sponsor reports
      • Payroll Integration
      • Online Enrollment
      • Back office support for IRS filings
      • Fully Transparent Pricing
    • For Plan Participants
      • Plan Participant Dashboard with account balances, vested balances
      • Portfolio and activity summary, personal rates of return
      • Access to pre-built Asset Allocation portfolios, or self-customization
      • Automatic rebalancing
      • Online investment education and tutorials
      • Loan Modeling (preview loan and repayment information) and online application
      • Online access to reports on account balances and activity details
      • Access to investment research within account screen

Insurance Needs

  • Life, Health, Disability and Long Term Care
  • LCM Capital Management has access to most insurance carriers which allows our Clients and their families to receive the best coverage at a low cost

Customer Service

    First and foremost, LCM Capital Management cares about our Clients’ financial well-being. We strive to keep your costs down while providing professional financial advice. Our dedication to serving your financial goals is the key to our success.

Request your free Forensic Cost Analysis©, or submit any questions or comments you may have.