Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. What is an LCM Capital Management Cost and Risk Analysis and what does it tell me?

    This unprecedented in-depth free report finally allows an individual or institution to better grasp what is happening below the surface regarding corrosive fees such as soft dollars, taxable distribution costs, asset transfer fees, increased insurance, compliance and reporting expenses due to the mutual fund scandal, mutual fund manager fees, loads, surrender charges, risk and mortality expenses, wrap fees, underwriting fees and many more. LCM Capital Management then quantifies how these annual costs and your present risk allocation affect investment returns.

    If these fees are unfamiliar to you, contact LCM Capital Management for details on how these costs may be affecting your various investments.

  2. What financial institutions do you represent?

    None. LCM Capital Management is an independent Federally Registered Investment Advisory firm, which allows our clients to receive unbiased, cost efficient financial advice.

  3. What separates LCM Capital Management from brokerage firms?

    Unlike wirehouse (retail) brokerage firms, LCM Capital Management receives no incentive or pressure to use an internal analyst’s research or recommendations. LCM Capital Management pays no soft dollars. LCM Capital Management uses no synthetic retail products i.e. closed ended funds, sub-prime, alt-a, fund of funds, mutual funds, auction rate preferreds or annuities. Everything is transparent and fully disclosed.

  4. What is a fiduciary and why is that important?

    As a fiduciary, LCM Capital Management is obligated to put your interests first, unlike a brokerage account where the firm is not obligated to work in your best interest.

    A fiduciary is responsible for managing all investment activity with an investor's best interests first. With LCM Capital Management being a federally registered investment advisory, the SEC performs periodic reviews of the firm.

  5. What do you charge?

    We charge an annual professional money management fee which is deducted monthly (1/12th) and determined by the amount in aggregate LCM Capital Management manages, as well as your investment strategy (equity, balanced, fixed-income).

  6. Where are my assets held and are they protected?

    Client's assets are held by our custodians Charles Schwab Institutional and Fidelity Investments Institutional. Both custodians are members of SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) and also have additional protection commonly referred to as excess SIPC protection. For more details, please contact our firm here.

    Remember, this account protection does not cover declines in the market value of securities.

  7. Will you try to sell me mutual funds or variable annuities?

    No, LCM Capital Management believes mutual funds are "The Great American Ripoff." Request a copy of this in depth report through our contact form. Additionally with variable annuities, one must add insurance costs on top of the mutual fund costs.

  8. Do you assure me a certain return on my investments?

    While there is no assurance of specific returns, lowering your annual costs to have your monies managed can add significantly to your returns over the long term.

  9. How will I know what you are doing with my investments?

    LCM Capital Management manages all accounts with discretion. All clients receive trade confirmations, monthly statements, and quarterly performance reports either by mail or email. Online access to your account information and history is available upon request.

  10. What kind of investments does LCM Capital Management invest in?

    All portfolios are customized to each client based on risk, time horizon, and tax circumstances. The equity holdings will be all individual stocks or exchange traded index funds. The fixed income portion will be all individual holdings invested across the maturity spectrum and allocated accordingly to maximize yields.

  11. How do I open an account with LCM Capital Management?

    Simply contact LCM Capital Management at 312-705-3013 (or email at and all of the necessary forms will be provided.

  12. What is the minimum account balance to begin investing with LCM Capital Management?

    $25,000 on equities and balanced strategies, $100,000 for fixed income strategy.

  13. How often will I receive reports on my investment? What will these reports contain?

    You will have access to your account online (if you choose), receive monthly statements from the custodian and quarterly performance reports from LCM Capital Management.